From basic tune-ups to tranny repairs.
Complete engine assemblies to custom nitrous, supercharger and turbo installations.
Subframe connectors, roll cages and chassis work as well.

We can do it all.


Fuel Injection Tuning

Custom Fuel Injection Tuning Starting At $125.00 An Hour

FAST, Big Stuff 3, EPEC, Accel Gen 7, MOTEC


Chassis Dyno


3 Runs w/ Air Fuel     $75.00

1 Hour Rental     $125.00

1/2 Day Rental     $300.00

Full Day Rental     $550.00

Custom Tuning     $125.00 / Hour 

Call For Group Rates or Dyno Days


Custom Chips

Have your Nitrous, Turbo, Supercharged or Natural Aspirated combination maximized with a custom chip.
All tuning is performed on our chassis dyno with a chip or computerflash and before
 & after graphs provided.

Prices starting at $200.00


Track Tuning

Have us tune your race car at the track.
 Whether it be nitrous injected, supercharged, naturally aspirated or turbocharged,
we can get you the most out of your particular combination.
Private track rentals by appointment. Complete weekend race support available as well. 

Call for prices and scheduling.