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Congratulations !!!!!

Rob Wells qualified #1 at the Outlaw Drag Racing Championships
at Bradenton Motorsports Park October 26th-28th.
Rob had the quickest car each and every pass from 1st round of qualifying
throughout 4 tough rounds of eliminations bringing home the win over Billy Glidden.
Rob Wells for Qualifying #4 out of 32 cars at the 10th Annual Shakedown Nationals.
Rob made it through 5 tough rounds of eliminations to bring home the win
 gaining a new personal best ET and MPH along the way.

Mike Miller for winning
the 2010 Sunshine Dragstrip Real Street Class Championship.

2015 Bradenton Ultra Street:

1) Troy Pirez Jr. 114
2) Eugene Rodriquez 101
3) Walt Drakeford 71
4) Charlie Johnson 52
5) Mike Fratena 51
6) Brian Keep, Cliff Connolly 50
7) Robert Rodgers, Mark Ness 40
8) Matt Shearin, Bill Greegan, Tim Hendricks, Mike Rimar, Rob Orsino 30
9) Jeff Nichols, James Binns, Ari Birchfield, Daryl Dempsey, Ken Pellicciotti, Wade Tharpe, Mike Trover, Mike Wabuda, Mark Granderson, Larry Hart, Alex Altier 20

Home Of The:

2013 Bradenton Motorsports Park Ultra Street Class Runner-Up

2012 10th Annual Shakedown Nationals Outlaw 10.5 Class Champion

2010 Sunshine Dragstrip Real Street Class Champion

2010 Sunshine Dragstrip Pro-Mod Class Champion

2010 ORSCA Outlaw 10.5 Class Champion

2009 Sunshine Dragstrip Outlaw 10.5 Class Champion

Eric Medlen
August 13,1973 - March 23, 2007
You Will Be Missed - But Never Forgotten!